5 warning signs of “allergy to shampoo”

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Nowadays, there are many different brands and formulas of shampoo. Until buying and choosing is not right at all Everyone wants to use their favorite brand or wants to use something that smells good. But sometimes it’s enough to use the shampoo that we like. Strange symptoms occurred, such as a burning sensation on the scalp. Sometimes I have acne on my hairline. If you have symptoms like this, you need to check quickly to see if you are allergic to shampoo or not. Today we have 5 warning signs of “allergy to shampoo” for everyone to know. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

5 warning signs of “allergy to shampoo”

Scalp burning and redness

If anyone uses and feels a burning sensation on the scalp from the first time you use it. Even though we don’t have any wounds on our scalp. This symptom is a symptom of a person who is allergic to shampoo. Because may contain certain chemicals that irritate the scalp and cause inflammation. and become red marks on the surrounding skin Some people may also experience a burning sensation.

There is a rash and itching.

In addition to the scalp area A rash or itching in other areas where the was applied It’s caused by some shampoos containing SLS (surfactants) and parabens (preservatives in cosmetics) that destroy moisture and cause irritation at the point of direct contact with the shampoo.

Clogged acne, rashes

The shampoo we use may directly cause acne. This usually occurs in the forehead, hairline, and jaw, especially with rashes or clogged pores. Because the shampoo has silicones mixed in to coat the hair to make it soft and smooth at the same time. Silicone is also the main cause of clogged pores. This can occur from silicone substances in accumulating and remaining in the hair follicles. Until it causes an allergic reaction to shampoo and acne.


This is another obvious sign. In addition to having white flakes The flakes fell down. It’s also itchy. Dandruff can be caused by many reasons, including dry and inflamed scalp and fungus. Therefore, you must keep an eye on if you change the type of shampoo to see if dandruff occurs or not. If there is, you should stop using it immediately.

hair loss

Shampoo is one of the causes of hair loss. That’s caused by silicone substances in remaining at the base of the hair. Which will clog and cause hair loss. In addition, hair loss can also be caused by other causes such as food allergies, sleeping late, or behaviors that have a negative effect on the hair. Whether it’s washing your hair at night After washing, don’t blow dry your hair or tie it tight often. If anyone uses any shampoo and feels more hair loss or has never fallen out at all. It is recommended to stop using it first.