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Monthly Archives: September 2023

5 warning signs of “allergy to shampoo”

Nowadays, there are many different brands and formulas of shampoo. Until buying and choosing is not right at all Everyone wants to use their favorite brand or wants to use something that smells good. But sometimes it’s enough to use the shampoo that we like. Strange symptoms occurred, such

Where does your stomach hurt?

Whether women or men, stomach hurt  can occur at all ages. And the location of the abdominal pain indicates the disease. or abnormal symptoms of different organs as well Including completely different methods of treatment as well. So let’s check out where it is. I used to have stomach pain often. Are we

What kind of “tongue skin” is dangerous?

The “tongue skin” is a small organ. In the mouth that many people may overlook, but actually is very important to our lifestyle. Imagine if our tongue had no taste buds. We probably don’t eat delicious food. If we don’t have a tongue We couldn’t speak clearly. and having difficulty eating But besides