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Chelsea made an offer for Onana but were rejected by Inter

Italian media reported that Chelsea have reached an agreement with Inter Milan goalkeeper Andre Onana. But the initial bid of £34m was rejected by the Champions League runners-up as well. Chelsea, in the era of new manager Mauricio Pochettino, are in need of a new goalkeeper as well as a number

Carragher reveals his concerns about Mac Allister

Jamie Carragher believes Alexis Mac Allister is a great deal for Liverpool , but there is one concern about the midfielder. Liverpool confirmed the signing of Mac Allister from Brighton for £35m last Thursday. The Argentina national team midfielder has attracted interest from many clubs. But in the

The future of Christian Pulisic, one of Chelsea’s business blunders

American winger Christian Pulisic May have played the last game for Chelsea, the famous English Premier League club. And in this season referred to only 1,012 minutes on the field for all items The 24-year-old currently has just one year left on his contract with Chelsea. With Pulisic being among the top

How to use Dragon Tiger Formula constant money walk

How to use Dragon Tiger Formula constant money walk. Many people may think that the fixed money walking formula is a money walking formula. That is not very useful. Because this recipe is a dragon tiger formula. Move unprofitable money to players as quickly as other money walking formulas. But for

Online Dragon Tiger cards, not difficult to play

Online Dragon Tiger cards, not difficult to play, anyone can play. easy bet It will be accessible to users easily as well. In playing card games that we are familiar. Name baccarat and poker. There is a simpler style of play. It doesn’t take long. The board page is not

Best online blackjack real money sites 2023

Best online blackjack real money sites 2023. It’s no secret that most businesses and organizations worldwide have adopted digital strategies and incorporated internet tools in recent years. People from every corner of the globe may now enjoy their favorite casino games without ever leaving the

How to Play Blackjack and Basic Rules

How to Play Blackjack and Basic Rules. Insurance or insurance in card games is When the first face-up dealer’s card is A, the player has the option to insure their bet. and the dealer gets (21), the player gets half of their bet. But if the dealer does not show

What is Baccarat Cow?

What is Baccarat Cow? Bull Baccarat Cow has a similar playing style to normal baccarat. Whether dealing cards, drawing cards. But what is different from normal baccarat is the use of only one deck of cards to distribute for play. Makes it easier to remember. What cards

Techniques for online football betting to change the lives

Techniques for online football betting to change the lives. Football favorites are matches where players place bets on one soccer team in one match. A player will only make a profit. If the player’s football team that has made that bet wins the bet game. In which the profit