Misunderstandings about doing Detox

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Misunderstandings about doing Detox

Detox is something we hear often because people are interested in it. More about health, whether it’s eating Taking care of your health in various aspects to make yourself Have good health and have a good figure, so find a way Find a shortcut to help. Therefore, we often hear to the point that many people think that doing is one way to help in losing weight because Ox is one of the services. that are in beauty clinics, causing many people to have misunderstandings. In addition, there are many other matters that many people still believe and have misunderstandings about. Regarding the matter of doing Detox. What’s going on? Let’s go see.

What is Detox

Detox is the cleaning of dirt or residue in the intestines. Which is simply called intestinal cleansing. Detox can done in many ways, most of which we only ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app think about. The colon enema method is considered a popular method and can still be done by eating. Therefore, what method will be? It depends on the choice.

1. Detox to lose weight

This is a very wrong story and a misunderstanding that many people often have. The reality is that Detox cleanses the colon through various methods such as enemas, eating, or other methods. By washing it will make Waste products are release. What we call feces, although doing will make you more comfortable. But what comes out It’s just residual dirt. That’s in the intestines and water only. But body fat will not be expell. Therefore, the feeling of being comfortable or that the body is lighter is because The body has expelled a lot of waste products.

2. Taking laxatives

We believe that many people, when they hear the word will think. That it is Excretion only So he found a way by taking laxatives. Which is actually Taking laxatives It is not any way, just taking laxatives. is just making It’s easier to stool. This does not clean out toxins or residue in the intestines at all. Therefore, taking laxatives to Detox cannot done.

3. Detox anyone can do.

Because at present there are equipment for doing for sale, causing people to buy it and do Detox by themselves at home. In fact, doing by yourself is. It’s a very dangerous matter because doing will only done by a doctor or staff. Who has received training. Because if you do Detox yourself at home and then there is Wrong way There is a risk of various problems occurring. Therefore, if you want to do it, you should consult a doctor or go to a clinic that has received standards.