How to take care of your intestines

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How to take care of your intestines

The intestines or the body’s second brain that is important It’s no different from other organs in our body, whether it’s transporting waste. leave the body Transporting symptoms to send to nourish the body, therefore we should We have to take care โปรโมชั่น ufabet of our intestines to make them strong so that our intestines can work with full efficiency.

The intestine is consider one of the most important organs in the body. That helps our body. can work well Whether it’s transporting, delivering food, or removing waste from our body. If our There is bad work. If there is no good efficiency, it will cause our body The work is worse are not strong. It also affects the body in many ways, especially health problems that will follow after the intestinal problem is not healthy. Therefore, we should take care of it. Make our strong.

Reasons that cause the intestines to be unhealthy

The reasons why our intestines are not healthy are It can cause by many reasons. But the main cause usually comes from our daily living habits, including stress, not getting enough rest, or not being able to rest fully. Regularly eating processed foods, not eating all 5 food groups, especially eating foods that are high in sugar. that is the culprit that harms good microorganisms in our intestines until the intestines are not healthy

Result of the intestines being not healthy

1. Frequent diarrhea

Diarrhea It may be a normal symptom. That when we eat unclean food or various things, but when you have diarrhea too often, even though the people around you who go with you don’t have diarrhea like you, that is saying The are not healthy because the good microorganisms in your intestines are too few and not enough to deal with. Therefore causing frequent diarrhea.

2. Chronic fatigue

Fatigue can come from many reasons, whether it be work, study, or exercise. But if you have symptoms Chronic fatigue may be caused by microorganisms or bacteria. That are good. In your intestines there is It can unbalance and there complications such as irritable bowel syndrome You can insert it in.

3. Weight swings up and down.

those problems It is not caused by Are you a person. Who exercises little or are you a person who exercises on and off? But it’s because your have a bad balance. Therefore causing the intestines absorption occurs That’s not good enough.

4. Constipation

Constipation is another symptom that is caused by an unstable intestinal tract. That is because good bacteria There is too little in the intestines. unable to act In stimulating excretion, it makes us constipated.